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The Fresh Freak deodorant was my first Raw Nature product I have tried and it convinced me straight away. Not only to keep using it for myself but also to add the Raw nature range to our store.
Plastic Free July is all about sharing ideas and making a difference, enabling you to take next steps and feel great about the things you can change (and not stress about those you cannot).
Yay! Our new category, Goodgirl xo Haircare is live. I am so excited to see our product range grow. We are constantly exploring plastic free alternatives to add to our store. Each product is being tested by ourselves to make sure we love them as much as we love our customers.  
Overwrapping, underfilled and attempts to make products look bigger. Companies are extremely creative when trying to fool their customers. 
Yes, the first time you see our reusable menstrual cups you could be forgiven for thinking “yikes, that looks big, how on earth do I get that up my vjayjay?”  Once you've got it in correctly, you won’t feel it at all. Boom. 

The Konjac sponge is making your skin extremely clean without drying it out. It is a naturally alkaline plant and won’t damage the epidermis of your skin.

Tips on the use of the plastic & chemical free deodorant stick. Here is a brief rundown of what to expect if you have just given up your commercial antiperspirant.