4 weeks lock-down: exploring eco-friendly and plastic free options

plastic pollution

Covid-19 has come to New Zealand. With several other countries, we are now in an emergency situation, and should isolate ourselves as best as we can. It is important to stay at home so that we can protect ourselves and others.

Now is a very good time to have a look around our homes, reflect on our consumption and find ways to cut down plastics. This doesn't only benefit the environment it also supports small and local businesses in New Zealand.

Plastic is a huge business. The amount of plastic produced in a year is roughly the same of the entire weight of humanity. Approximately 252,000 tonnes of plastic waste is disposed of to NZ landfills each year. A huge amount of this plastic is streaming into our oceans. By 2050, scientists estimate there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.


Solid shampoo and Conditioner bars

Shampoo and conditioner account for about 80 billion bottles a year. The average shampoo contains up to 80% water, conditioner up to 95%. Shampoo bars are concentrated, you add the water in the shower.

I bought a couple of Shampoo bars in the past, wanting to make the switch and becoming more environmentally friendly. After using them my hair ended up waxy and dull. I knew it took time to get used to the new care product, but I gave up. I didn’t want to show up in the office with waxy looking hair.

In this four weeks coming up, I am giving it another try to find the best bar for myself. To actually find the right one, I have a couple of tips to narrow it down, so you don't need to spend to much money on different brands.

Finding the right one

Everyone’s hair is different and certain brands and ingredients can work better than others.

  • Cold pressed bars are considered the all-natural. They are packed with plant-based oils and free from chemicals such as sulfates and parabens that damage hair.
  • Glycerin-based shampoo bars don’t lather as well as other alternatives. They offer a better pH balance and are considered among the more gentle shampoo bars. They contain fewer cleansing agents that can strip natural oils from hair.
  • Surfactant bars offer the best lather and cleansing powers. Many of these bars contain sulfates that can dry out hair. Look for surfactant bars with gentle surfactants such as glucoside instead.

Finding the right bar for your type will take time but I am sure it pays off.




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