Raw Nature’s Fresh Freak

Raw Nature’s Fresh Freak

The Fresh Freak deodorant was my first Raw Nature product I have tried and it convinced me straight away. Not only to keep using it for myself but also to add the Raw nature range to our store.

I made the switch from the aluminium-based antiperspirant to Aluminium Salt-Free deodorant a few years back. My body had to get used to it first and after the detox-phase it worked. I had some issues with feeling that I am still smelling of sweat sometimes and I carried a bottle with me all the time to top-up. My deodorant that I bought from the supermarket was packaged in plastic, either as a roll-on or in the spray bottle. This fact bothered me a lot.

Fresh Freak (and all the other Raw Nature Products) come in cardboard biodegradable packaging. You can push it up so you can easily apply.

When I first saw it, it thought it is quite small. It looked to me like there is not much in it and I wondered how long it will last me.

It actually lasted me for more than 3 months, longer than my supermarket plastic packed one did. And way longer than I expected. Once applied in the morning, I never had the feeling of being smelly again and never had to top up during the day. It worked perfectly every single day.


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